Master Brian Gates “SHEEPDOG” 5th Degree Black belt under World Kickboxing Champion Joe Lewis, 8th Degree Blackbelt and “Grandmaster” under Grandmaster Danny Lane and earned several other prestigious ranks including prestigious 9th Degree Black belt. With great pride earned certified ranking in multiple disciplines of karate, martial arts and kickboxing. You can read more about Master Brian Gates lineage on the “About Master Brian Gates” page. Master Brian Gates, with over 37 years of experience, He blends traditional karate training, being a champion in the ring and working professionally in the law enforcement defensive tactics fields as an instructor, international security protection into a Reality Martial Arts self-defense system that will assure you the skills to defend yourself in a real world physical attack. There is a major difference in martial arts for sport and street self-defense! Martial arts for sport is a tremendous workout and you will learn some very nice forms and sparring methods but they are not conducive to street defense. Master Brian Gates is very proud to be a member of ILEETA, Certified Instructor for DT / MEB / MOAB /OCAT & Handgun to ALL Law Enforcement , Certified NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, NRA certified * NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION home Firearm Safety ,Certified Pistol Instructor & USCCA CERTIFIED” UNITED STATES CONCEALED CARRY FIREARMS AND PROGRAM INSTRUCTOR.