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Why hire a marketing professional, when you could have a team of experts!

Hiring a Marketing Manager, CMO, or Marketing Professional can cost as much as $60k-$110k a year. Often times, these professionals aren’t even capable of ‘managing’ the marketing that a corporation needs overall, and they end up hiring an agency to help them out.

Our question is, why not skip the process and just hire us right away?

Our full funnel service takes cold leads that have never heard of your business or practice before, and turns them into nurtured leads that will stay with you for a lifetime. With ROI on the top of our minds, our team of vetted experts is here to meet your goals!

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Here are three key takeaways from your digital consultation:

  1. A custom marketing wheel to drive your marketing efforts.
  2. An expert analysis of your current digital marketing presence.
  3. An overview of what type of content is working and not working with your competitors.

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What our clients have to say…

“The Yazo Group cares because it is part of their DNA. If you are serious about building and implementing a marketing strategy that works – call them today.”

Joseph Harford

Founder & President, Reclamere

“If you need a sharp, focused and responsive team for your outreach efforts, Yazo is a terrific choice. They have a diverse talent portfolio that enables multi-platform reach with seamless coordination. Their research is spot-on and they hit the ground running with a solid plan and regular communications.  My company hired them for a new outreach effort that was built from scratch — we’ve not looked back!”

Gwen Fisher

PA CareerLink® Southern Alleghenies

“My experience with The YaZo group over the past two yeas has been nothing short of exceptional. From support with digital strategy, marketing, SEO, social media, websites, and more, the outcome has exceeded my expectations.”

Matthew Kopchak

Vice President, Operations, Worth Ross Management Co.