The #finethings division of our agency started as a creative outlet – a way to share things of beauty and inspiration. When I first began to tweet about it, I was surprised how easily I gained over 1,000 followers without really trying. And people and businesses enjoyed being tagged as a #finething.

This led to creation of the #finethings vlog we produce each month. In addition to attracting potential new clients, we hope to someday design and/or curate items that eventually may be sold in a #finethings online shop. But, one step at a time.

One interesting aspect about this venture is that I have been questioned about getting away from our roots because, after all, aren’t most of our agency clients B2B services and technologies? Yes, indeed that is true. However, I see a clear connection between #finethings and everything we do on a daily basis.

I believe the definition of a #finething is that which enriches our lives. I would say ALL of our clients enrich the lives of their customers. They are all #finethings.

Our job as an agency is to help them get across a message about how they will enrich your life. After all, most of you wouldn’t buy anything or pay for a service unless it would make your life better. I have been blessed to work hands on with our smallest and our largest clients, with the clients that came by for one small project and those that have stayed with us for years. To me, each and every one of them are #finethings and will be mentioned throughout 2017. But, it is also my hope to introduce new items, services, art, things of beauty, people, non-profits, jewelry (and more) that will inspire you on a monthly basis. I hope you will continue to join me as I talk about and blog about how these #finethings enrich my life.

– Angie, CEO of The YaZo Group @finethingsyaz

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