2020 launched us into a year of unknowns. Like the rest of you, we had questions.

  • How can we help our clients?
  • Can we help our clients?
  • Will we lose clients?
  • Do we need to change our strategies and what we do for our clients?

Amid all these questions, I was also taking over as CEO. As a family-owned business, this was our goal. But transitions are always tricky. During COVID, it was quite a journey.

A lot of personal changes occurred alongside my transition into the CEO role – a move back to the East Coast – landing me in Philly, a revamping of strategy for my video production company, Black Coffee Productions, and even a new relationship. 

It’s hard for me to comprehend that here we are in the 4th quarter – and we are doing 2021 planning.

So, what meaningful tidbits can I share with you that will lead you to inquire about working with YaZo?
What tip can I share that will propel your marketing and advertising strategy?
What advice might get you to take action in your own life choices?

If I have to pick one – it’s…


I know it may feel like you’ve been running down a road that seems to have no end in sight. But the worst data we ever review (as an agency) is upward trending data for clients that give up right before the win. This isn’t just about marketing, you know. It’s about life. Why do we do that? Why do we walk away just as the door is about to open?

These five points have kept me driving forward, even when there are days I wake up asking, “why?”.

  1. It doesn’t get any worse than confronting the WORST fact in your marketing plan (or life). If you can deal with that – you can deal with anything. This act of (confronting the truth) is where authentic leadership begins.
  2. Hire/find disciplined people – consultants, partners, employees. Wishy-washy people can sink a ship during uncertain times. 
  3. Love them once you find them. We all have bad days. But good people need to be encouraged and appreciated…even something little like a great social post deserves recognition.
  4. Believe that your business (or mission) is the greatest thing out there and transforms lives. Regardless of what you sell – you have to have purpose and passion. Find the right mentor to get you there. 
  5. Allow yourself to be pushed. What is new in marketing (or life) that you aren’t trying? Why aren’t you trying it? Are you making decisions based on data AND your gut – or just your gut? Are you listening to ALL levels of your company? What are you afraid of?

These challenging questions have begun to propel me in my new leadership role at YaZo, in Black Coffee, and in my personal life.

The truth is – I don’t know where I will be in October 2021, but I do know that I won’t stop now. 

Until next month, dive in and make a splash.