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The YaZo Group was created as a family business. The partnership between Eli Austin and his mother, Angie Yasulitis was founded in a decade long goal to work together to build something fabulous. Seeing that goal come to fruition has only fueled their passion. YaZo focuses on small and mid size businesses across the US, that desire to have a full marketing team behind them, at a fraction of the cost.
“I have seen so many cases where small businesses invest so much money in marketing only to stop doing the things they paid for within a few months. That has always bothered me.” YaZo works hard to ensure businesses of all sizes can keep their marketing going.
Eli has been able to bring many quality and talented friends into their business and continues to build through connections. Now in LA, he has helped to establish Black Coffee Productions – which adds the production side of the house to the capabilities at YaZo.

2018 will introduce our focus on giving back. For every new client retainer – we will be donating a portion to non profits in Altoona and LA that are focused on keeping creative trades alive and prospering.

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