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SEO & Content Development

Content is king, by now we all know that…or should. However, creating content to create content can actually be detrimental to your brand and web ranking. That’s where we come in. Using SEO principles, keyword exercises, and service and/or product prioritization, we work together to create a content strategy that aligns with your company’s growth strategy. Combining this with on-page and off-page optimization and high-quality link building, your content will drive your brand’s awareness through increased web ranking and digital visibility. 

We start by reviewing your customers buyer’s journey, discussing each possible touch point and mapping out a corresponding marketing automation campaign. Using automation workflows with branching logic to follow whatever path your buyers take, you have the ability to combine tasks and action groups to create specific touch points on your lead’s path to conversion. With a holistic view of your campaign and control of each activity, you’ll be able to leverage lead nurturing and messaging triggers that respond to your leads, instead of sending them on a one-track buyer’s journey.

Automation Development

“The team at YaZo is extremely competent in marketing, strategy, design and social media presence. We enjoy working with them for our current businesses and development strategy on new business concepts. Their designer is so talented and manages to get inside your mind to create exactly what you want. Their writing team is top notch. We highly recommend this team!”
Dana Sky

Founding Partner, Skyward Investments

“YaZo is the only marketing firm I know who not only understands those in the cutting edge fields, they embrace them with open arms and contagious enthusiasm!! This firm goes out of its way to help those in the “helping professions” because at its core, the YaZo Team is dedicated to a “pay it forward” mentality that ultimately creates prosperity for everyone. This quality alone makes them a rare jewel in the field of marketing and promotion…I highly recommend YaZo to anyone seeking guidance on the path to success!”
Jennifer Gehl

Owner, Sound Works

“The YaZo Group is 5 stars and more. Incredible creative skills plus the latest technologies for web design, multimedia, marketing and business strategy. Global access and vision with trusted, dedicated support. I highly recommend the YaZo Group as a key partner for your success.”
Heather McKinney

Owner, Grow.Shine.Thrive.