Planetary Signatures in Medicine – Restoring the Cosmic Foundations of Healing, sounds like a mouthful right? But don’t let that deter you. This book really is a #finething. For each chapter, I created a notes page, of personal takeaways that I can apply in my daily life. The purpose of this month’s episode(s) of #finethings is to enrich our lives with spiritual tools and services that can help to expand our lives, our health, and our way of thinking. This book does the trick.

This is one to keep beside your bed or on your desk – so you can take a daily bite. Just a few lessons I am now applying from this book. And believe me, I have just scratched the surface.

  1. When I feel I am going through a Dark Night of the Soul – I am really awakening. It may be a time of growth – to accept what change is teaching me. Not addressing it (fighting against it) can impact my health.
  2. Astronomy, or planetary nature, is linked to alchemy, which goes to the heart of healing because it addresses the process of change. When I think of alchemy I think of transformation of a human to a god or goddess or just any magnificent transformation process. Alchemy for me is transforming to my highest vibrational state.
  3. There exists a relationship between celestial bodies and earthly matter. I can use nature, crystals, stones, all aspects of the universe as part of wellbeing, for decision making, and in finding joy in everyday life. I can find what appeals/works for me and my personal natal chart or cosmic imprint.
  4. I am made up of water, therefore the way water reacts to energies positive or negative is a reflection of how my health is impacted by energies negative or positive. If I am a water sign; this is even more important.
  5. There are patterns in nature that are there to teach us if we are willing to listen and learn.
  6. Vibrations exist in nature and all around us – we can use what they are teaching us and we can use sound and vibrations in our own healing.
  7. I continue to read and re-read and look at applying my natal chart to the stones, crystals, earth elements, and sound (vibrations) that most compliment me – to keep me in balance and yes, heal me.  The idea just seems to make sense.  It takes something so complex and makes it so obvious.

I hope you will listen in as author, Jennifer Gehl gives us a few simple explanations for just a few of the takeaways within her book. We are living in a time when listening to the lessons of the cosmos may be just what the doctor ordered.