June at the YaZo Group is all about creating an experience. Whether we are talking about our latest client, Empower Business Solutions and the way their world class installations and service create a positive experience out of what can be a dreaded task for many companies; or the way our latest vlog guest –  Kenny Faith Art helps create a visual experience in your home and/or office; experiential strategies are in.

Nothing speaks of creating an experience better than my latest obsession – 1 Hotel Brooklyn. From the time the valet opens your door until the time you check out; it is obvious that they are offering you something different…something stimulating to the senses, something that you can feel really good about.  Consider the lobby décor and furniture which speaks of sustainability, reclaimed building materials, and bringing the outdoors in, intermingled with Mikey at the front desk, who offered us a deeper understanding of what we would experience once we entered our rooms.

And impeccable service. Our rooms weren’t ready upon check out – so the front desk team went out of their way to store our luggage, and offer us some suggestions for entertainment. While this may seem normal for a nice hotel chain- there was an undeniable difference to their tone and energy. Maybe it was the pet friendly atmosphere and the three dogs and their owners who were happily awaiting their own check in. Either way, it all fit happily together in a way that made you realize you weren’t in Kansas anymore.

The onsite restaurant, Neighbors made excellent use of the herbs and spices grown on site. The Avocado on Grain did wonders for perking me up to enjoy the sights and sounds of DUMBO. DUMBO, an up and coming part of Brooklyn is home for artists, creatives,musicians, and businesses of all shapes and sizes. 1 Hotel fits in perfectly Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (DUMBO). Somehow once you experience the whole neighborhood, you understand that 1 Hotel chooses their locations wisely. (Look for their other locations in South Beach Miami and in the Central Park area of New York).

Once back in the room, showering in our Skyline Room made me feel like I was in some kind of tropical oasis. While the bathroom is open to the room (the toilet is enclosed), it is camouflaged with the same reclaimed materials and live foliage befitting the lobby- and a concrete floor that makes you feel as if you may be getting ready outside. Their custom bath products left my hair feeling healthier than it has in months – and I am hoping I can buy those products soon to try and recreate the experience at home. I was sharing the room with my 85 year old mother and sister, and there was no inconvenience with the open room set up. In fact, the sound of the shower and the foliage just added to the experience. We were lucky to have a room with a balcony that provided amazing views of The Manhattan Skyline and would have made for a perfect night in wearing their cotton robes. The beds covered in organic cotton sheets and boasting leather headboards seem to beckon you to stay in the room – even though DUMBO is calling you to come play.  The amenities range from Nespresso machines, yoga mats, to organic cotton slipper socks and I am sad to say that one night just didn’t do it justice. If you are coming to New York for work or pleasure, please consider a 1 Hotel experience.  I don’t care what business you are in, seeing how well they execute their experiential strategy will motivate you. As I write this, I am looking around my office planning some “perk me ups” to better share The YaZo vibe.

Since “experience” is the theme, I would be remiss to not mention some of our other activities during our stay in DUMBO. As I noted, we were in Brooklyn to visit the Smack Mellon – home to the Brooklyn College of the Arts Master Thesis Exhibition where Kenny Faith has two pieces on display. If you are there this summer – it’s definitely worth a visit. Art is everyone’s to experience- and we all view it differently. Smack Mellon is always home to under the radar artists, and regardless of when you visit – it’s worth a look.

While I don’t think you’ll need any help finding experiences once there, be sure to check out the waterfront, walk the Brooklyn Bridge, eat breakfast at the River Cafe’  for not only a culinary treat but the best views of Manhattan. While The River Café is definitely a splurge – we were able to avoid both a reservation and a line by eating there on a Monday AM. Once again, the experience turned a Monday into a day in paradise. Definitely worth the culinary indulgence. After you wear out your walking shoes, and are ready for an enjoyable dinner and a drink, check out 7 Old Fulton Mediterranean Italian Bar and Restaurant. The Gnocchi’s alone were worth the visit.

And when you are ready to head back to 1 Hotel, if you are looking for a nightcap – head upstairs to The 1 Rooftop for a handcrafted cocktail. My mom and I toasted the night with a Whiskey Sour in honor of my grandma and enjoyed the views.

Make your June all about the experience – your own and your clients.

Experiential strategy is a #FineThing.