JEMS Funky Consignments and More in Hollidaysburg, PA. This unique and fabulous #finething provides the best of upscale consignment mixed with new lines from local artisans. I am always delighted to discover something new – but you’ll have to watch the vlog to hear more about that. My trip to JEMS yielded some terrific personal results and I left with three dresses to help me celebrate my birthday week. I couldn’t be more excited to share my own product line called #FineThings at JEMS starting in May. Just a few items to start, but doing so at JEMS is a particular treat as Chrissy Stowell Wagner herself is a #FineThing and a true class act. If you haven’t visited JEMS yet, it’s worth the trip. I would be remiss to not give a nod to Annie, her beautiful dog that you can see featured in her social media. Annie is a great addition to the shop and she exudes love that can only be reflective of her owner. And my insider tip – let Chrissy help you find something special. She’s got an eye and if you trust it, you won’t be disappointed.