I have always loved the fall- we are surrounded by so many #finethings in Pennsylvania. The temperature is perfect, the trees are often breathtaking; it’s certainly easy to be inspired and motivated. This month at YaZo we are encouraging our clients to think about how they inspire their customers and how to inspire themselves. What is it about their brand, their services; that can be inspirational? What can they surround themselves with to inspire personal growth?

So while I had to take a few weeks off from my vlog for personal reasons, I am looking forward to kicking off the fall series with some new #finethings that inspire and enrich our lives here at YaZo. To start, this month I will be sharing how I discovered www.gaia.com as a tool we use for workshop content. Gaia is filled with three levels of information:

–          Every day wellbeing – meditations, yoga, and motivation that clients can use to focus while at work

–          Educational Use – videos that encourage users to learn about the value of giving back, leadership, and spiritual growth

–          Explorers – videos that tackle the strange and unexplained. While we don’t often use this at YaZo – I have always thought that expanding your consciousness is a #finething.

Combining this tool with http://www.hbcer.org has provided our office with topics that enrich our lives on a daily basis. We are especially excited to help promote HBCER’s educational series that will run from September – June in both Altoona, PA and in Lancaster, PA. These sessions are designed to help attendees create their own self- care programs. They are open to the public for a minimal $10.00 donation– that value is truly a #finething.

So I hope you are as inspired as I am this fall to focus on your own well- being and self-care. Nothing is quite as enriching as that.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man, true nobility comes from being superior to your former self.” – Ernest Hemingway

Do something to enrich your life daily,