Happy March!

It’s hard to believe we are already almost through the first quarter of 2018. I know we say that every year; but the older my kids get – the more I realize time really does fly. This year, I am happy to say that I can relate to the saying, “time flies when you are having fun.” The start of this year has been crazy fun. I have met so many #FineThings, it is truly hard to know how to choose who to feature. We have been blessed to expand our business to work with authors and artists – and this really fuels my personal passion.

And I was able to take #FineThings on the road to be part of a photo shoot for a client called Red Joe. During the photo shoot I worked with another #FineThing – a young, up and coming photographer – Brad Young. Check out his website http://bradyoungphoto.com/.

Red Joe is a hydration supplement that has become a staple in my cupboard. Not a day goes by when I don’t enhance my own hydration routine with Red Joe. I don’t always feature clients on #FineThings; but this time I am pleased to share some excerpts from a beach interview with Red Joe’s owner – Joe Firek. We will be using some of this as part of his digital strategy. Joe’s quirky personality and passion for his product made this #FineThings on the road and his photoshoot, so enjoyable. How blessed am I to be able to promote products and companies I am passionate about?

That reminds me…for marketing to truly work you have to uncover the passion. I don’t care if you are selling business technology or office equipment – marketing means sharing your passion. So re-discover what it is that you love the most about your business. And make sure that everyone else knows too. Of course you have to align your purpose with your passion – otherwise it won’t necessarily make good business sense; but most of the time I find that comes naturally.

Purpose + Passion = Good Marketing Content; now that’s a #FineThing.

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