It’s a New Year – Let’s Create Together!!

A New Year. A clean slate. A fresh chapter.

There is nothing that I like better than fresh starts. Change tends to empower and motivate me. In January at YaZo, we will be extremely busy with new clients and implementation; and fresh strategies for our long term clients.

Did you ever consider adding something new and inspiring into your life every month? That is something I am encouraging everyone to consider in 2018. It seems like a lofty goal at first; but when you think of all the possibilities, it just makes sense. In fact, studies show us that expanding the walls of our life through learning can improve our imagination. In fact, I was intrigued to read that learning a new language may actually increase your creativity.  As a marketing agency we are all about encouraging enhanced creativity.

So what can you learn about, try, or engage in each month? My list for the first six months of 2018 includes reading a new book (each month), subscribing to Architectural Digest (which inspires me), trying a new exercise class, taking a class online, exploring over a few weekend trips (within driving distance) and volunteering. This week I start to get into the particulars of what and when – but starting to write out the list has already fueled me. While I am not yet signing up to learn a new language over the next six months – the idea definitely made my list.

Recording #FineThings has kept me motivated to maintain my love of exploring… I search for those things that just resonate with me – things of beauty, things of inspiration, businesses that just have a passion or mission that inspires me; and once in a while – there they are-right under my nose. This month, I am blessed to share a good friend as our #FineThing. Skar Designs Jewelry is the creation of Renee Scarfone Gillies. Renee has been a friend since high school; and it’s not just her jewelry line which is full of incredibly unique pieces that inspires me; it’s how she states, “It’s an honor for me to take simple bits of metal, cord and beads and turn them into beautiful wearable objects that people will carry with them along their journey through life. It’s meaningful for me to touch the lives of others, even in the tiniest way, with the transfer of positive energy from my own two hands to their hearts.”  Friend or not, dealing with someone who brings that zest into their everyday work is a #FineThing.

And because I was delayed in December; I will be sharing more on our new and exciting approach to marketing based on personality profiles. As I mentioned in last month’s blog, I have been blessed to find The People Process in my research. While personality profiles have been around for decades, many of them require hours of training and time commitments that can put off smaller organizations. The People Process can be used by all – from families to large companies, to help us stop and consider that we all don’t come with the same way of thinking and making decisions. YaZo is taking it to the next level to help our clients understand that their customer’s also think and process things differently. Providing different messaging and ways to buy may be a difference maker in your organization, and it sure can enrich your life.

We hope your 2018 is filled with all kinds of creative concepts and inspirations to fuel your marketing and personal strategies.