It’s hard to believe it’s the end of 2017.

This month has been full of strategy meetings and research. Thank goodness I think those are #FineThings to do. Part of my research has taken me into a new and exciting approach to marketing based on personality profiles. I have been blessed to find The People Process in my research. While personality profiles have been around for decades, many of them require hours of training and time commitments that can put off smaller organizations. The People Process can be used by all – from families to large companies, to help us stop and consider that we all don’t come with the same way of thinking and making decisions. My firm is taking it to the next level to help our clients understand that  their customers also think and process things differently. Providing different messaging and ways to buy may be a difference maker in your organization, and it sure can enrich your life.

But the most fun we’ve had this month has been focusing on gift giving and looking for #FineThings to share as gifts. We are so pleased to promote Trade Secrets as a fast growing boutique in Central PA. We think Stephanie Hite the owner is a #FineThing because she is a tireless marketer, with an overflowing passion for the products she and her husband provide. Being around her is empowering.

So. we hope that this last month of 2017 has you pondering your strategy too, but mostly looking at it with enthusiasm. Think of 2018 like a beautifully wrapped gift that you get to unfold daily – to discover all the amazing personalities and enrich-ments coming your way.

Unwrapping your life, now that’s a #FineThing!!