Valentines Day approaches. A day that’s all about #FineThings…love, flowers, gifts, sweet treats,  romantic places, excellent food and drinks. One of my favorite days to indulge in all things “fine”. From a marketing agency perspective it always reminds me to spread the love. Maybe that doesn’t seem like a business-enough statement, but it really is. It’s about putting your clients first, finding a unique way to say thank-you, considering their goals to be your own goals, understanding when they have problems, and even wishing your competitors well. As I mentioned in one of my LinkedIn articles last year…when you can embrace the competition – you learn a lot and may even find doors opening.
Our special #FineThing this month is Robert Forte, author of The Woman In The Yellow Dress. Robert is a perfect selection for #FineThings in February because his story is a love story. His inspiration continues to be his wife Evelyn; and the support she provides to this multi-faceted writer is truly inspiring. Not only that buying his book ( a fresh new voice, in an old-style gum shoe drama)  is a wonderful way to treat yourself or an avid fiction reader on your list.
So, I encourage you this month to be all about the love – in your business strategy and in your personal times. As one of my mentors told me years ago – love is the greatest motivator. If you can tap into that in business, you have it made. Love as a motivator, now that is a #FineThing.