In an era where digital transformation is unavoidable, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly turning to advanced advertising strategies to stay competitive. A recent strategy talk hosted by YaZo Group leaders, Eli Austin and Angie Yasulitis, highlighted the transformative potential of streaming and TV advertising for SMBs. This blog post delves into the key insights from this discussion and offers actionable advice for SMBs looking to leverage these platforms effectively.

The Rise of Streaming & TV Advertising

Streaming platforms and connected devices have revolutionized the advertising landscape, providing SMBs with unprecedented access to targeted advertising opportunities. Unlike traditional TV spots, streaming allows for highly specific audience segmentation, thanks to the wealth of data these platforms gather. This level of precision in targeting means that SMBs can now engage with their ideal customer base more directly and meaningfully.

Making Advertising Accessible

Advancements in technology have democratized access to advertising tools, enabling SMBs to create, manage, and analyze their advertising campaigns with ease. These tools are not only affordable but also user-friendly, allowing even those with limited marketing budgets to benefit from the reach and sophistication of streaming and TV advertising.

The Crucial Role of Video Content

The importance of crafting high-quality video content cannot be overstated. With the typical 30-second ad spot, it’s crucial that SMBs communicate their message clearly and compellingly. This means having a well-defined message and ensuring that the video content is visually appealing and engaging.

Strategic Use of Data

One of the biggest advantages of modern advertising platforms is the ability to utilize extensive data to refine and target advertising efforts. SMBs can harness this data to target specific demographics, interests, and even consumer behaviors, ensuring that every ad dollar is spent efficiently.

Ad Length & Format

The strategy talk also touched upon the importance of aligning the ad’s length and format with the brand’s objectives. Short, snappy ads can be incredibly effective for straightforward products, while more complex offerings might benefit from longer, more detailed advertisements.

Enhancing Brand Recognition

For SMBs aiming to build or enhance brand recognition, consistency in branding—such as using recognizable logos and consistent themes—is key. Incorporating interactive elements like QR codes can also add an innovative layer to your ads, driving engagement and conversion.


As SMBs continue to navigate the evolving digital landscape, embracing the opportunities provided by streaming and TV advertising is more important than ever. With the right strategies in place, these platforms can offer a cost-effective way to achieve significant marketing success.