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In May #FineThings equals Fun, Fit, Fabulous, and Foundations

May stands for FUN at #FineThings and at The YaZo Group. That comes from my fundamental belief that the more joy and laughter you have in your day to day world the more successful you will be at manifesting your dreams, goals and successes. Now that’s marketing! That core belief means that I will be dedicating many of my vlogs to fun because fun definitely enriches your life and that is after all, my goal.

This month, due to requests, I will also begin to share non-directed, spur of the moment shout-outs to products, companies, people, and services that inspire us at The YaZo Group. I know that the #FineThings wave will continue to spread and that people across the globe will be introduced to products and services that they may otherwise never know about. So while I am not 100% sure of everything that will inspire me this month, I am excited to share.

I already have time in a full vlog dedicated to JEMS Funky Consignments and More in Hollidaysburg, PA. This unique and fabulous #finething provides the best of upscale consignment mixed with new lines from local artisans. I am always delighted to discover something new – but you’ll have to watch the vlog to hear more about that. My trip to JEMS yielded some terrific personal results and I left with three dresses to help me celebrate my birthday week. I couldn’t be more excited to share my own product line called #FineThings at JEMS starting in May. Just a few items to start, but doing so at JEMS is a particular treat as Chrissy Stowell Wagner herself is a #FineThing and a true class act. If you haven’t visited JEMS yet, it’s worth the trip. I would be remiss to not give a nod to Annie, her beautiful dog that you can see featured in her social media. Annie is a great addition to the shop and she exudes love that can only be reflective of her owner. And my insider tip – let Chrissy help you find something special. She’s got an eye and if you trust it, you won’t be disappointed.

My second Vlog in May will include Enspice Children’s Foundation. This local non-profit is dedicated to bringing micro-nutrient fortification packets to geographic areas (around the globe) in need of nutritional support due to poverty, disasters, and lack of education. Enspice is passionate about making their product available in a sustainable way in the communities they serve. While you may wonder how something so meaningful is being placed in a month dedicated to FUN – I couldn’t think of a better place to use my voice to change the attitude towards and the meaning of “giving back”. To me, having a chance to give back, to see the look on the faces of the children served is the most fun I could have. I am particularly proud to use my vlog to launch Enspice in their Project Swaziland. So I hope you will be inspired to get involved or donate to the cause or to find your own fun getting involved with a cause that inspires you.

And to “round out” the month I have shout-outs planned for Modgy, Red Joe, Batacuda, and other companies who inspire me to stay creative and to keep looking for new and cutting edge products and services.

So I hope May brings you tons of fun and inspiration, and I certainly hope you will consider sharing with me any products, places, services, or ideas that inspire you this month – they may just end up with a shout-out or a full vlog episode dedicated to them.

Be Happy!

– Angie