What can you do to help you or your brand sparkle? Maybe it’s just adding some fresh design or imagery to your marketing strategy…something that captures the eye and refreshes/reimagines the “feel” or “tone” of your brand.

Maybe it’s redecorating, redesigning your storefront and giving 100% passion to showing off who and what your business is. This month at #FineThings we are featuring LaVintage Decor on North 4th Ave in Altoona – as her boutique showcases her passion and skills in a way that makes you want to come back for more. Nothing amps up your marketing strategy than revisiting the passion you have for what you do. Visit La Vintage Décor soon and you’ll understand what I mean.

Sparkle is about following your dreams. Let’s check out The Angel Nook in Annapolis. Founded by a 30 year writer/editor – Traci finally followed her enthusiasm for all things angels and that is truly a #finething. Stay tuned for that #FineThings Vlog on the road and let it inspire you to re-ignite your own passion.

We chose the theme sparkle for July because it follows so nicely on our June experiential strategy theme and of course, it’s fitting for the 4th of July. In reality all of us sparkle when we are doing something we love; and we forget that our marketing should capture our own very unique sparkle. Often marketing becomes all about the strategy and business metrics and less about the creativity and fun. This July we encourage you to find the sparkle that you offer to the world and refresh your ideas regarding how to share that. Whether you are a business service, a technology or a retail store – there is something about you that sparkles for your clients. Maybe it’s your customer service. Perhaps it’s how you run an out-of-the-box strategy meeting, or maybe it’s your unique pricing strategy. Whatever it is – light and up and let it shine.

Happy July!

Keep enriching other’s lives!