Every one of us is a leader. If you are a parent, a teammate, a supervisor, an entrepreneur, a co- worker – you are a leader. The decisions you make, the energy you resonate impacts the work and world of those around you. Not something to take lightly, yet we often do. When we are in a funk – we often think it’s only impacting us. But that funk impacts everyone. Elevated leaders understand that.

Because I focus on marketing every day, I see the role of leaders (managers) and their impact in marketing often. Leaders have the ability to start and stop the marketing wheel. And their impact can be positive and it can also be disruptive. The elevated leader also understands that impact. They understand that their decision to start, stop or change a process or project impacts the entire organization and beyond. They understand that when they change a message or target group – they are directed focus to some and away from others. That’s not something they take lightly.

This month on #Finethings we hope to inspire you to lead with intentions with Dr. Wayne Dyer, to learn from wise mentors with Dr. Ella McElwee, and to consider team collaboration with Hayley Bohan, CMO from elandas. All these #Finethings offer ideas to center you in your leadership goals, and we hope you take the time to remember you are always leading. How can you elevate yourself as a leader?