Power Yoga Enriches Your Life

Yoga. That word had always left images in my mind of people chanting and crazy poses that I would never be able to manipulate myself into. That is until I began to realize how much of an intersection there is between exercise, spirituality, strength, and personal success. All things of importance to me. And I would suspect, to most.

As Dana Sky, Power Yoga Instructor suggests in the accompanying vlog, Power Yoga adds that element of power. Maybe it’s holding the pose just a bit longer, or doing a series of poses, and flows that require focus on one muscle group…all designed to encourage sweating and the feeling of true “exercise” that many of us need to feel if we are spending an hour of our day doing it.  But the incredible beauty of it is that you still get the stretching, the focus on self, and the meditation benefits of traditional yoga. What a #finething and what a powerful way to spend an hour of the day. As a business woman I can’t think of any other activity that allows me to be that productive during my day.

Whether you are a person who deals with a stressful career and long hours, a physically demanding job, or the personal stresses of running a household; you can benefit from power yoga. I would venture a guess that your productivity will improve, and I can pretty much guarantee your strength, balance, and flexibility will increase exponentially over a period of 6 months of regular practice.

So where do you find power yoga? If you are in Altoona, PA I would recommend starting out at ProCare and possibly following Dana to some of her other spots (depending on your schedule). You can find her at ProCare Monday evenings at 5:30 (a perfect way to end Mondays) and Saturday at 9AM.  If you aren’t in driving distance from Altoona, drop me an email, we may have a few suggestions.